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The interns of TCC have completed their first week of internships and have each had some unique experiences. Here at the West Side Y, we have learned how to brainstorm interview questions that will help us create content for our TCC and Camp newsletters. We believe that we have had so much exposure to the communications field in only a week and are excited to see what awaits the rest of the summer. Let’s hear what our peers have experienced their first week of internships and what they have learned.


Intern Of The Week: Beverly Feng

My name is Beverly Feng and I am a rising senior at Stuyvesant High School. I am currently interning at Cooking with Chef JJ, a startup that aims to expand award-winning chef JJ Johnson’s influence outside of the culinary world, where he has already built a name. As an intern, most of the time I am capturing content for FIELDTRIP, Chef JJ’s new quick and casual restaurant in Harlem, and his Instagram pages. I also work on various other tasks such as analyzing brand data from FIELDTRIP and making phone calls to potential vendors. I enjoy working in such a fast-paced and creative environment, as I am almost never in the same location for two consecutive days. I’ve already learned a lot about marketing and what it is like to work in a creative industry by attending Chef JJ’s press events. I hope to continue networking and gaining insight on the business world through my internship!

Intern Of The Week: Paul Dong

My name is Paul Dong and I am a rising junior at LaGuardia High School. This summer, I was given a once in a life time opportunity through Teen Career Connection. I hope to gain experience in the business and law field as I am stationed in a real estate law firm called Rosenburg and Etis P.C., where I work in the records department. Currently, my department’s goal is to digitalize all paper, which is not only more systematic but eco-friendly as well. The reason why I am so excited about this internship is because I am extremely fascinated about real estate. Through this program and six week internship, I truly believe I will be able to pinpoint and clarify my passions and potential, by knowing what gets me excited and my blood flowing. I am hopeful that TCC will provide me with this vision and pave the way for a bright future.


“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – DWAYNE JOHNSON

On behalf of all the interns of Teen Career Connection, we appreciate this wonderful opportunity to grow and explore. We are excited for what this summer has in store for use!


Amari Campbell

Hey guys, I’m Amari Campbell. I’m a rising senior at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn, New York and I am one of the writers and photographer for this year’s newsletter. In college, I would love to major in film production/film editing and I’ve always been interested in photography and writing. Seeing that all my interests have an underlying theme (communications), this internship gives me a perfect outlet to get into that field. I will put the utmost effort into these weekly newsletters and I hope you love it!

Kaylee Ramirez

Hey there, I’m Kaylee Ramirez and I am one of the writers for the 2019 TCC newsletter. I’m a rising junior at the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology located in the Bronx. I intend on pursuing a career in communications/journalism and I am very grateful for this opportunity of interning in the Communications Department at the West Side YMCA. I plan on working to the best of my ability throughout this summer!


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