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The TCC interns are halfway through their internship! Time definitely flew. Here at the West Side Y, TCC interns have contributed their help towards the Counselor of the Week board. We helped take photographs and interviewed candidates. It was a very fun experience. The learning does not stop here! Let’s see what the rest of TCC has been up to…


Intern of The Week: Clementina Jose

My name is Clementina Jose and I will be entering my freshmen year at Queens College this upcoming school year. I am currently interning at a New York Common Pantry in the Bronx. My role there is to create care packages for seniors as well as to help with distribution. Every day at work, I have been improving my communication skills when I interact with customers which are primarily Hispanic/Latino, thus I have had the benefit of learning Spanish. During my internship so far, I have learned about how SSI and other state related funds function and help citizens. These funds are extremely helpful for many who unfortunately fall between or below the poverty line. By the end of this internship I hope to be more proficient in Spanish and to learn more about government related funds and their impact on low income families. But most of all, I hope to network with a variety of different people, with the possible outcome of interning again in the fall. I am entirely grateful for this experience TCC has given me. I’ve learned so much in only 3 weeks and I’m excited to continue learning before I head off to college.

Intern of The Week: Elaine Rivera

My name is Elaine Rivera and I’m a rising junior at Maspeth

High School. This summer I am interning at Schnader Harrison Segal Law. As an intern here, I do a variety of things. Whether it is observing what it’s like in court, observing a real estate closing, or doing manual office work, I am always doing something. Although I plan on majoring in zoology, this experience with the law firm has shown me another path that is interesting and fulfilling. So far I have learned to work efficiently, and to manage my time wisely since I have been given a variety of tasks that always keep me busy. By the end

of my internship I would like to have become a part of the work force. I would like to continue to grow and experience new things, alongside with developing connections with my fellow interns at Teen Career Connection. I’m thankful for all that I have learned so far through this experience.


“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” –WALTER HAGEN

On behalf of all the interns of Teen Career Connection, we appreciate this wonderful opportunity to grow and explore. We are excited for what the rest of the summer has in store for us!


Amari Campbell

Hey guys, I’m Amari Campbell. I’m a rising senior at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn, New York and I am one of the writers and photographer for this year’s newsletter. In college, I would love to major in film production/film editing and I’ve always been interested in photography and writing. Seeing that all my interests have an underlying theme (communications), this internship gives me a perfect outlet to get into that field. I will put the utmost effort into these weekly newsletters and I hope you love it!

Kaylee Ramirez

Hey there, I’m Kaylee Ramirez and I am one of the writers for the 2019 TCC newsletter. I’m a rising junior at the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology located in the Bronx. I intend on pursuing a career in communications/journalism and I am very grateful for this opportunity of interning in the Communications Department at the West Side YMCA. I plan on working to the best of my ability throughout this summer!


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