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TCC Newsletter July 2019: Week 1


Hey everyone, we are Amari Campbell and Kaylee Ramirez and we are interns at the West Side YMCA. Over the course of this summer, we will be cohesively curating the weekly newsletter for the Teen Career Connection program, capturing the experiences of our peers. In preparation for our internships, we spent the week prior for professional development which was very educational and useful for all of us. We learned how to dress appropriately in the workplace as well as how to prepare for interviews and how to improve resumes. We also created new friendships with one another which are also useful connections that we hope can last a lifetime.

Amari Campbell Kaylee Ramirez

TCC Summer Intern TCC Summer Intern

West Side Y Communications Department West Side Y Communications Department


Intern of the Week

Laila Dola

My name is Laila Dola and I am a rising senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I am currently interning at the teen department of the West Side YMCA. Some of my responsibilities include updating the TCC website, working closely with the communication interns to create content for the website, and reaching out to TCC alumnus to cover their stories and feature them on the updated TCC website. I have a passion for technology and the humanities; therefore I am enjoying my internship so far. I am able to practice some of the web design skills that I learned in school, and I also get to hear memorable stories of alumni and connect with them. I look forward to the rest of my summer internship experience. I hope to learn more about my intern colleagues and about the different fields of work that we do. I hope we can end the summer having a better understanding of what we might want

to do in the future.

TCC Supporter

Josue Munoz

Josue Munoz is on the West Side YMCA Board of Managers, where he is the chair of TCC. He got involved with TCC when he met some program alumni and saw the impact and benefit of TCC. Josue is originally from Colombia and graduated from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota. The most important thing that Josue learned in college was how to structure his thought process to resolve problems, and the importance of managing time. Josue now works at Colgate-Palmolive where he leads the Global Costumer Service, Logistics and the Supply Chain Systems area. In his free time, he likes to play golf and read. Josue encourages teens to be inquisitive and curious. “Seek to learn something new everyday,” he suggests. “The world is moving so fast that if one stops learning, before you know it things have changed so much that you will be obsolete.”

On behalf of all the interns of Teen Career Connection, we appreciate this wonderful opportunity to grow and explore. We are excited for what this summer has in store for us!

Teen Career Connection 2019


Hey guys, I’m Amari Campbell. I’m a rising senior at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn, New York and I am one of the writers and photographer for this year’s newsletter. In college, I would love to major in film production/film editing and I’ve always been interested in photography and writing. Seeing that all my interests have an underlying theme (communications), this internship gives me a perfect outlet to get into that field. I will put the utmost effort into these weekly newsletters and I hope you love it!

Amari Campbell

Hey there, I’m Kaylee Ramirez and I am one of the writers for the 2019 TCC newsletter. I’m a rising junior at the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology located in the Bronx. I intend on pursuing a career in communications/journalism and I am very grateful for this opportunity of interning in the Communications Department at the West Side YMCA. I plan on working to the best of my ability throughout this summer!

Kaylee Ramirez


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