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My Time at Bellevue

If I had to describe my time at Bellevue, the three words I would use are: swift, endearing, and admirable. Unlike some of the other TCC interns, I haven’t been at my work site for a long time but that didn’t change the way I’ve maximized the two weeks I’ve completed at the hospital. On my first day, things started out a little boring. I started off at the OB/GYN outpatient clinic and was excited because I was working in an unit that I really love. I was highly disappointed because I was practically ignored that whole day and was simply given little tasks that was unrelated to my future career. The next day, I knew I wanted a change so I was gratefully transferred and got a position in the actual hospital building: 17 North’s Cardiology unit. It’s an inpatient unit and although it wasn’t in the branch of medicine I was interested in, it was still a way better option than the clinic. During the next three days I spent at 17 North, I taught how to check vital signs, make beds, became friends with a volunteer colleague in 17 East, and got to know some of the patients.

During my second week in the unit, as things became monotonous, my friend Cassandra and I began to explore other floors in the hospital. We didn’t want to get trapped in a bubble of one section of Bellevue, considering it’s such a huge building with much to offer. As we travelled up and down in the elevator, we found ourselves in very interesting places. The first unit we found ourselves in was the ICU. It was drastically different compared to our floor. Equipped with carpeted floors, glass walls, dimmed lights, and lots of machines it gave the floor a futuristic vibe. We were in awe with the craftsmen and detail of this floor and found ourselves dropping by from time to time. Much interaction with staff and patients did not occur due to it being the intensive care unit with patients who were in critical care.

After leaving the ICU, Cassandra and I ended up on the ninth floor: the Maternity unit. We were ecstatic because of the prospect of seeing pregnant women and a nursery filled with babies. Although we weren’t able to see either of those things, it was still a memorable moment because of us being in the presence of where babies were born. This phenomenon also occurred when we went to the pediatric unit due to a fluctuation of patients in both units.

An event that I would never forget is when my colleague and I went upstairs to the prison psych ward and the children psych ward. The prison psych ward was surprising due to the increase amount of security and presence of cell doors. It was shocking, yet thrilling at the same time to be in that area but we weren’t able to get inside and explore because of the high level risks of being near inmates with severe mental illnesses. The children psych ward had less security and was pretty easy to get into. Cassandra and I was invited by the head nurse there to spend some time with the kids during their lunch period. Being there made me feel so utterly amazing that I lack the words to describe it. Watching the kids, who happened to be in their teen years just like me, was thought provoking and left me speechless. They were normal kids, despite others thinking that they’re abnormal due to their mental health. It opened my eyes and truly showed me that no one should be defined by an attribute of them that makes them different.

To wrap things up, I had an amazing time working at Bellevue. I still have two weeks left to go and I am jubilant to see what those last two weeks have for me in store. I discovered that by working in a hospital or in any medical facility, it is important to keep an open mind and an open heart. There have been countless times where I’ve found myself listening to a patient tell me their whole life story, after I’ve only asked them if they needed anything. Turns out they needed someone to listen to them talk and I’m happy to be the person that they turn to to do so. So far, I believe I have achieved my goal of making someone smile each day and being a helping hand when they seek one. This experience has solidified my career aspirations and makes me feel excited to continue on my path to become an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner.


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