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The TCC Intern Experience: Kalina Medina

Kalina Medina

Intern at Orphaned Starfish Foundation

A typical day at OSF is far from ordinary. My days since I began have revolved around media I have been in charge of designing and developing components of the OSF auction site for a fundraising gala to come. However, not even that has been consistent because amidst designing banners, colleges, and backgrounds for the site I have also been learning from and exploring the company for which I work. Designated classes on the many components of a non-profit from proposal writing to budget planning, I’ve slowly, but surely been acquiring the necessary knowledge to start up a nonprofit of my own if I would one day wish too. Apart from that I’ve been exploring my job getting to know its workers at a deeper level by inquiring about their success in their own foundations or in any field they’ve been a part of. Not to mention my favorite place known as the coffee and tea station to feed my daily caffeine intake.

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