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The TCC Intern Experience: Jennifer Ligansky

Jennifer Ligansky

Intern at New York Council Member Helen Rosenthal's Office

Helen Rosenthal’s office is small with only about 10 people working there. I work alongside a handful of other interns. We assist Helen Rosenthal in presentations, canvassing, and outreach. When I first got my internship placement, I imagined I would get coffee, run errands, move boxes, etc. This job isn’t just mailing, copying, and running errands. The staff and supervisors really want the interns to grasp what it’s like to be part of a government office. We sometimes even have to deal with constituents who come in asking for help (they’re usually tenants who have difficulties with their landlords.)In the future, I hope to gain more experience in “constituent services”, meaning giving advice to people face-to-face. I know that takes practice and a lot of knowledge, but hopefully in the coming weeks I can learn more about the problems that people in my neighborhood are facing and advise them on how to solve such problems.

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