Read more about the wonderful interns from 2019 Teen Career Connection. 

  • Allie Rozenblyum

    Hello! My name is Allie Rozenblyum and I am a 17 year old rising senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. This summer, I joined the Teen Career Connection Program with a yearning desire to learn, grow, and establish meaningful connections. I intend on pursuing a career within the Business/Finance field and this unique program provides the guidance and opportunities for me to do so. I am so excited to navigate the workplace and push myself towards achieving my goals. 

  • Amari Campbell

    I’m Amari Campbell. I’m a rising senior at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn, New York and I am one of the writers and photographer for this year’s newsletter. In college, I would love to major in film production/film editing and I’ve always been interested in photography and writing. Seeing that all my interests have an underlying theme (communications), this internship gives me a perfect outlet to get into that field.

  • Kaylee Ramirez

    I’m Kaylee Ramirez. I’m a rising junior at the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology located in the Bronx. I intend on pursuing a career in communications/journalism. Interning through TCC is something that I am very grateful for and I am excited for what this summer holds.

  • Anamika Faria

     My name is Anamika Faria. I'm a rising senior at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. I am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. This summer I am working at the West Side YMCA ,as an admin. My job is to help my supervisor with all her projects and file work. I am also in charge of making phone calls to parents on issues regarding their kids who are attending the summer camps. Through this experience I hope to gain many skills which not only will I be using in my everyday life but in the future as well.

  • Elaine Rivera

    My name is Elaine Rivera, and I am a rising junior at Maspeth High School in Queens. I initially intend to pursue a career in Zoology, or in Veterinary science. However, I will be interning at Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP this summer and I plan on taking this experience as an opportunity to explore a different career path. 

  • Clementina Jose

    My name is Clementina Jose and I am a recent high school graduate from York Early College Academy! I plan to major in psychology at Queens college in the fall! I have dreams of working with non profit organizations to expand on my psychology related and speech pathology related interests! This internship has aligned me with connections that I plan to keep for a life time and a preview of the community that I plan to impact in the future!

  • Paul Dong

    Hello! My name is Paul Dong and I am a 17 year old rising junior at LaGuardia High School. This summer, I was given an once in a life time opportunity through Teen Career Connection to explore the ins and outs of the work life. I hope to gain experience in the business and law field as I am stationed in a real estate law firm. Through this program and 6 week internship, I truly believe I will be able to pinpoint and clarify my passions and my potential.

  • Laila Dola

    My name is Laila Dola and I am a rising senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. This summer I am interning at the West Side YMCA in the marketing and communications department. Some of my responsibilities include updating the TCC website, and working closely with the communication interns to create content for the website. 

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